TSA Attempts to detain Passenger After He Has Reached His Destination

We’re not sure why they did this, but one thing’s for certain–if he’s done with his journey, the TSA has no reason to look at him.

The man in the video, Kahler Nygard, is on the Federal No-Fly list for reasons our Government won’t tell to him.

Colorado’s 9 News has the report:


DENVER – A man who took a flight to Denver last weekend says he was asked to undergo extra security screening after the plane landed at Denver International Airport.

Kahler Nygard, 23, says he found out three years ago that he was on the federal “no fly” list. Nygard says the government wouldn’t tell him why and he insists he has no connection to terrorism.


The TSA Will Dig Their Hands Deeper Into Your Pockets

The TSA will be taxing us more–with the money going to fund other, unrelated, Government initiatives.

Come July 21, passenger security fees will be going up at U.S. airports.

The increase in the fee, which helps fund airport security efforts by the Transportation Security Administration, comes courtesy of the bipartisan budget deal passed by lawmakers last December.

About 75% of the new revenue from the fee hike will not be put toward improving security checks at the airport. Rather, it will be used to offset spending elsewhere in the federal budget.

Right now, the passenger security fee is $2.50 for each plane you take to get somewhere. However, the fee is capped at two plane rides each way. So you won’t pay more than $5 en route to a destination, or $10 roundtrip, no matter how many planes you take.

On July 21, however, a flat fee of $5.60 will be imposed in each direction, no matter how many planes you board en route, assuming you only have short layovers.

See more information at KDVR.com

TSA Agent Arrested For Dealing Cocaine

Meet TSA Agent Latwana Daniels, employed at Miami International Airport: Latwana-Daniels This TSA Agent and mother was found in her home with cocaine and weapons. She had children living with her in the home. She was charged with cooking cocaine in her home to turn it into “crack.”

A South Florida mother and Transportation Security Administration agent is facing felony charges of manufacturing and selling drugs in her home.

Latwana Daniels, 33, was being held without bond Sunday after investigators said they uncovered 111 grams of cocaine and 39 grams of marijuana in her Homestead home. Police also found tools for packaging cocaine, along with scales, beakers and packing materials used to cook cocaine and process it into crack cocaine.

Read more at NBC 6 South Florida’s Web Site

According to Daniels’ arrest affidavit, a search warrant was executed at her home, located on the 11300 block of Southwest 245th Street in Southwest Miami-Dade, Saturday. Detectives found large amounts of cocaine and marijuana, as well as a loaded Beretta PX4 handgun.

The affidavit further states that detectives found tools for packing the drugs in Daniels’ master bedroom and kitchen, all of which tested positive for cocaine residue. The complaint says the tools, which include scales and beakers, were being used for cooking cocaine and processing it into crack cocaine.

Neighbor Monica Forest, who lives with her husband a few doors down, said she was completely unaware of what was happening inside Daniels’ home until she saw the authorities outside. “[It was] 5:30 or so, and I noticed that there was a bit of excitement over there,” she said. “It turned out to be two police cars, but we had no idea what was going on.”

See report at WSVN

This TSA Federal Air Marshal Is Taking Upskirt Photos

A Federal air marshal has been arrested and accused of taking cellphone photographs underneath women’s skirts as they boarded a plane at Nashville International Airport.

ABC News is reporting:

Assistant Supervisory Air Marshal in Charge Michael Pascarella told The Associated Press that Adam Bartsch was immediately removed from duty and is in the process of being suspended or fired.

Nashville police say Bartsch was on duty on Southwest Airline Flight 3132 on Thursday when a witness noticed he was taking the photos and grabbed his cellphone. Police say the witness notified a flight attendant and Bartsch was taken off the flight and charged with disorderly conduct.

Pascarella says TSA is assisting with the investigation.

“TSA does not tolerate criminal behavior,” Pascarella said.

The arrest was first reported by Nashville station WKRN-TV (http://bit.ly/19WjI70)

The Government’s Closed, But the TSA is Still Stealing: 21 TSA Officers Arrested Today

21 TSA Officers at Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) aiport were arrested today for stealing and reselling employee parking passes. These passes were going for about $100 on the black market. NBC News is reporting:

 A total of 21 Transportation Security Administration officers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and an American Eagle employee have now been arrested following an investigation into stolen employee parking passes.

The probe started in March with an undercover investigation by the airport’s Department of Public Safety after American Eagle reported that 129 parking passes had been stolen from its offices inside Terminal B.

Investigators say an American Eagle worker stole the placards and recruited TSA officers to sell the passes to co-workers for $100 apiece. The employee is charged with count of Class A misdemeanor theft, the airport said in a statement Tuesday.

The TSA officer accused of selling the parking passes was arrested on a felony charge of theft of service. Another TSA employee was arrested on a Class A misdemeanor charge of theft of service in connection with multiple violations, the airport said.

The remaining 19 TSA employees are accused of using the parking passes without properly obtaining them and are charged with Class B misdemeanor theft of service.

The last arrests were made over this past weekend.

Several airline employees were arrested as well.

At least they weren’t stealing from passengers this time!


LAX TSA Officer Arrested for Making Terrorist Threats

Meet Nna Alpha Onuoha


According to reports, he’s been indicted for Alleged 9/11-Related Threats At LAX.

A former security screener for the TSA was indicted late last week for allegedly making a series of threats directed at Los Angeles International Airport that alluded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The threats were made on the eve of the 12th anniversary of the 2001 attacks on New York’s World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, and forced the evacuation of several terminals at the airport.

Nna Alpha Onuoha (pictured above), 29, is currently being held without bail. He’s been charged with three counts each of false information and making threats over the telephone, according to The Associated Press. After he quit his job with the Transportation Security Administration on Sept. 10, Onuoha proceeded to send a series of threats across various media, according to the indictment. He dropped off “suspicious packages and rambling letters” at the airport, reported the Los Angeles Times. He also left phone messages for airport authorities, telling them that the “TSA was running out of time” and the “entire airport” should be evacuated.

Several airline terminals were evacuated because of his (alleged) reports. Read more at AOL News.

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