CBS News is reporting 200 Baggage Thefts/day at JFK

We are nothing but fair at Shiny Badge. So we’d readily agree, not everyone who steals from passengers at airports works for the TSA:

  • Some theives are union workers doing baggage handling. However their security is verified by the TSA.
  • Other items are stolen by theft rings that snatch bags from baggage claim. But–you guessed it–the TSA is patrolling that area too.

They’re stealing 200 high-priced items each and every day at JFK airport alone.

CBS News has an exclusive report:

Cash, jewelry, electronics and other valuables are being stolen from passengers’ baggage at a staggering rate.

It’s happening as a result of inside jobs that aren’t being stopped, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports exclusively.

The report continues to say that the airlines are in on it, too! It’s one great big stealing orgy!

In other words, thieves steal your bags, but as a passenger you never find that out. The airlines say they are lost in transit.

“The airlines don’t want to report these thefts because it’s bad for business,” Mollins said.

And they don’t want to talk to reporters about it because even if your luggage isn’t stolen you could still be a target.

It’s not safe to travel with anything you can’t afford to lose anymore. But at least we’re safe because you can’t take 4 ounces of shampoo on an airplane.

“The belly of the airplane has become like a flea market for airport employees. They go in there and go through all the luggage unencumbered, unchecked,” JFK security lawyer Kenneth Mollins said.

Read the entire exclusive report at CBS News.

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