Puddie, the Pen-Snatching TSA agent, to Face Trial for Stealing $450 Pen

Meet TSA Agent Toussain Puddie. He likes expensive pens. He likes them so much that he would steal them from the passengers he was supposed to protect.

When Broward County, Florida car dealer Rick Case learned that Puddie took his Mont Blanc pen, he made sure that the District Attorney didn’t deliver the usual slap on the wrist. The DA threw the book at Mr. Puddie, charging him with “grand theft.” (Shiny Badge is pleased Florida has DAs that care about  justice and the American Way.)

A few months ago, the Broward Palm Beach New Times ran a detailed story on how Mr. Puddie decided to commit an act of agression against a U.S. Citizen. Someone he was entrusted to protect:

He picked it up, feeling its weight in his hands, which are large and will dwarf the common throwaway Bic. It wasn’t unusual for an officer to grab a writing implement and keep it with him, and usually nobody noticed. Usually the pens didn’t cost more than a few cents. Puddie wrote the time on the sign-out sheet: “1800″ in deep-blue numerals.

Then he twisted the pen closed and put it into his shirt pocket, right under his badge.

While New Times tries to paint a sympathetic portrait of this thief, we don’t fall for crocodile TSA tears at Shiny Badge. Puddie admitted to taking this Citizen’s pen.

While he initially had a (too-)generous offer to enter a plea, that offer has since been rescinded. The New Times says in an updated report:

Now Leland Garvin, Puddie’s lawyer, tells the Pulp that prosecutors informed him that their previous offer of pretrial intervention, rather than a jury trial, had been taken off the table because Puddie had taken too long to accept it.

Garvin says that he and Puddie entered a hearing last week with the intent to accept the state’s previous offer, which would have given Puddie the chance to have his record cleared if he admitted guilt, wrote a letter of apology to Case, and accepted a year of probation.

We salute Mr. Case’s unyielding persistence in bringing TSA agents who inflict terror on passengers to justice. Let’s hope that a Florida courtroom delivers true justice and sends Puddie away for a long time.


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