Support H.R. 3608

If you care about America, and want to stop women from being brutally raped, write to your congressman or woman right now.

Tell him:

Dear Congressman __________:

Please support H.R. 3608. The TSA should not be able to wear uniforms and badges that resemble uniforms of real law enforcement officers. They are abusing the badges; using them to commit crimes against the Public, and to caus confusion.

TSA Officer Harold Glenn Rodman was arrested for allegedly flashing his badge and then raping a Mannassas woman.  Other TSA agents, like Donald Eichler, are using their badges to conduct traffic stops, even though they have no legal right to do so, and have been arrested for doing this.

Due to the overwhelming frequency of TSA theft from the public, the TSA uniform should be replaced with a bright orange jumpsuit with no pockets. This  will prevent the TSA from stealing iPads by sewing in special pockets in their uniform jackets. (Yes, TSA Officers have been arrested for this, too.)

H.R. 3608, introduced by Marsha Blackburn, is vital. It protects the Public against TSA abuse. The TSA badge and uniform makes a mockery of actual policemen and women. If you respect the public and our law enforcement officers, you will support this bill.


John Q. Citizen

Read the entire text of this bill, also known as the STRIP act.

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