The Real Story Behind the Mayonnaise Smuggler

The TSA has been thumping its chest about catching a dangerous terrorist who tried to smuggle a Leatherman brand utility tool in a jar of mayonnaise. He was so dangerous that he wasn’t charged with a crime and was allowed to board the plane.

Shiny Badge understands this man. The TSA loves to steal these tools. A Google Search for “Leatherman Knife Stolen from Luggage” shows dozens of examples of people who lost their knives in checked luggage. For people who work for a living (unlike the TSA folks), access to tools is essential.

In fact, it’s such a common problem that if you look at Leatherman multi-tools on Amazon, you’ll see this curious note:


That’s right!¬†Apparently¬†many people use the mayo trick to carry their knives. The mistake our Mayo Terrorist made is not checking the jar of mayonnaise. (Though we wouldn’t put it past the TSA to eat a jar of mayo! Have you seen some of these folks?)

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