Want to smuggle Meth? The TSA in SF wants to help.

The headlines today read:

TSA Security Screeners Accused Of Helping Smuggle Meth Through SFO

Though the official TSA response is that the workers at SFO are “private contractors” and not TSA officials per-se, they still have the same shiny badges and similar uniforms. And they are supervised by the TSA.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Two security screeners at San Francisco International Airport were arrested and arraigned today on charges of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and accepting a bribe from a third suspect, who is also in federal custody.

The alleged smuggling operation was coordinated, at least in part, through Facebook messages, which are quoted extensively in the criminal complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

San Francisco resident Claudio Rene Sunux, 30, and South San Francisco resident Amanda Lopez, 27, were working as security screeners as contractors for the Transportation Security Administration, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The morning of September 17, FBI agents provided Anibal Giovanni Ramirez, a 28-year-old San Francisco resident, with two pieces of luggage containing packages filled with 20 pounds of methylsulfonylmethane, a common filler or cutting agent. One of the bags also contained 68.5 grams of pure meth, according to the criminal complaint.

So all it takes is a few dollars, and you can smuggle anything you want on to an airplane. The TSA and their associated private contractors make our airlines less safe. Every one of them is a weak link.

See the whole story at CBS News San Francisco 

The Government’s Closed, But the TSA is Still Stealing: 21 TSA Officers Arrested Today

21 TSA Officers at Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) aiport were arrested today for stealing and reselling employee parking passes. These passes were going for about $100 on the black market. NBC News is reporting:

 A total of 21 Transportation Security Administration officers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and an American Eagle employee have now been arrested following an investigation into stolen employee parking passes.

The probe started in March with an undercover investigation by the airport’s Department of Public Safety after American Eagle reported that 129 parking passes had been stolen from its offices inside Terminal B.

Investigators say an American Eagle worker stole the placards and recruited TSA officers to sell the passes to co-workers for $100 apiece. The employee is charged with count of Class A misdemeanor theft, the airport said in a statement Tuesday.

The TSA officer accused of selling the parking passes was arrested on a felony charge of theft of service. Another TSA employee was arrested on a Class A misdemeanor charge of theft of service in connection with multiple violations, the airport said.

The remaining 19 TSA employees are accused of using the parking passes without properly obtaining them and are charged with Class B misdemeanor theft of service.

The last arrests were made over this past weekend.

Several airline employees were arrested as well.

At least they weren’t stealing from passengers this time!


LAX TSA Officer Arrested for Making Terrorist Threats

Meet Nna Alpha Onuoha


According to reports, he’s been indicted for Alleged 9/11-Related Threats At LAX.

A former security screener for the TSA was indicted late last week for allegedly making a series of threats directed at Los Angeles International Airport that alluded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The threats were made on the eve of the 12th anniversary of the 2001 attacks on New York’s World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, and forced the evacuation of several terminals at the airport.

Nna Alpha Onuoha (pictured above), 29, is currently being held without bail. He’s been charged with three counts each of false information and making threats over the telephone, according to The Associated Press. After he quit his job with the Transportation Security Administration on Sept. 10, Onuoha proceeded to send a series of threats across various media, according to the indictment. He dropped off “suspicious packages and rambling letters” at the airport, reported the Los Angeles Times. He also left phone messages for airport authorities, telling them that the “TSA was running out of time” and the “entire airport” should be evacuated.

Several airline terminals were evacuated because of his (alleged) reports. Read more at AOL News.

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Lightning Strikes Twice at the TSA

You probably remember Reggie Edwards, the TSA “officer” who stole $36 dollars from someone and got caught.

Mr. Edwards has been arrested again! This time for stealing $150.00. Seems like after the $36 caper made the news, another passenger came forward and there was enough evidence (perhaps from the video surveillance) to indict Reggie for this crime.

WSOC reports:

HARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte woman told Eyewitness News she also had cash stolen from a TSA baggage inspector at Charlotte Douglas airport.

Reggie Edwards was arrested and charged with stealing cash out of a suitcase.

Edwards was arrested again Thursday after police said they linked him to stealing $150 from a woman’s suitcase just weeks before.

“I was shocked,” said victim Nancy Turner. “I have always traveled like this. Not to carry a lot on me, and just to put it deep inside my luggage and it’s never been bothered and my luggage has been inspected a number of times.”

You can read the whole report at WSOT TV’s web site. And see the thread on Flyertalk, too.

Another TSA Sting Yields another iPad-Stealing TSA Employee

Just yesterday, when I was flying through Burbank airport, I told the TSA Officer not to steal my iPad.

“Now why would I do that?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “why don’t you ask Sean Henry?”

Sean Henry, Alleged iPad ThiefMr. Henry, pictured above, was accused of stealing two iPads that were involved in a sting operation at JFK airport earlier this week.

ABC News Reports:

TSA baggage screener Sean Henry, 32, was arrested on Tuesday after a sting operation conducted jointly by the TSA and the Port Authority Police Department caught Henry leaving the airport with two iPads that had been planted as part of the sting, as well as numerous other electronics devices he had allegedly stolen from passengers.

The report continues:

Just as in a recent ABC News investigation of thefts by TSA agents, the sting used the iPads’ own tracking capabilities to follow the stolen tablets’ movements.

And, where there’s smoke, there’s fire! All sorts of stolen items were at his house and on his person:

After arresting Henry, Coleman said, investigators found more devices in his backpack that they have identified as stolen property, including a MacBook Pro and a pair of new Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones still in the box. They also found another set of Beats Headphones, an Apple iPad Mini, an Apple iPod and an iPhone, which were taken for further investigation.

A subsequent search of his house also turned up a black Apple Macbook that was identified as stolen property, Coleman said.

Henry was charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property. He was released on his own recognizance on Wednesday night and is due back in court in January. He has not yet entered a plea.

Why do they steal? These fine men and women blame “the system.” It’s “the man’s” fault. Pythias Brown, who stole over $800,000 worth of merchandise from traveling Americans, said it was because he wasn’t paid enough.

Read more at ABC News and see a video of the sting operation they conducted in Florida.

EWR Airport! Now With 44 Fewer TSA Workers! A Parade of Failure!

The AP is carrying this story:

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — The Transportation Security Administration on Friday moved to fire 25 employees at Newark Liberty International Airport and suspend 19 others for what it said was improper screening of checked luggage, the latest in a series of problems at one of the country’s busiest airports.

The alleged screening failures were uncovered late last year after surveillance cameras were installed in one of the airport’s 25 screening rooms to check for possible thefts, the TSA said.

Eight employees were fired in June in the investigation. The latest action raises to 52 the number of TSA employees at Newark caught up in the investigation, making it the biggest single disciplinary action taken by the TSA at a U.S. airport.

See more news at Boston.com.

The investigation was originally to catch theft. The thieves who were caught red-handed decided to resign, so they won’t be factored into the TSA’s official statistics. (But we know the rest of the story!) We hope that criminal charges were filed, but don’t hold your breath on this.

‘‘The decision to take disciplinary actions today with the proposed removal of 25 individuals and suspension of 19 others reaffirms our strong commitment to ensure the safety of the traveling public and to hold all our employees to the highest standards of conduct and accountability,’’ said Lisa Farbstein, a TSA spokeswoman.

The theft investigation, which the TSA said was the reason the cameras were installed, did not lead to any charges. The TSA said an employee who was a suspect in that probe ended up resigning, though the cameras were left in place, turning up the screening lapses.

At least are representatives are starting to take notice:

Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, criticized Friday what he called the TSA’s ‘‘parade of failures.’’

A Parade of Failures! Everyone loves a parade!